We are well aware that there are no two of us alike, our Identity is based on what He is doing in us and the creative abilities birthed in us. Good News is you are not me!! So who are you ? What is the Lord doing in you?. The most important question is What do you have that alongside each of us makes us greater. We long for these answers.


Legacy's Identity

Legacy Church Family is unique, we meet in a warehouse on Saturday evening. We desire that you find a place of residence with us. That rather than tell you what we need done, we listen to you as you share from your heart, what God has called you to do. We have interest in bringing  the best from you and help you become whole and full of purpose in What God desires.


Meet the Board

We are those who governmentally oversee Legacy, we see the bills are paid and the the overall operation of legacy thrives.


Drs. Brian and Sharon Kisner

Overseer and Administrator

Brian and Sharon are retired and took on Legacy to get it on track for its future and desire sometime in the next year to raise up ministry to replace them.


Harold and Paula Mathers


Harold and Paula serve in advisory position concerning the everyday operations of Legacy. They have hearts of compassion and prayer for those who enter our doors.


Stanley Christopher and Christina Burns


Chris and Christina serve in advisory position concerning the everyday operations of Legacy. their hearts reach far and wide in loving others with compassion. Avid travelers, they love Missions.